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"what's meant to be will always find its way"

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Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
about me

-voracious reader
-iTunes addict (more than 2600 tunes and counting!)
-movie lover (I love a good comedy or musical!)
-Big Bang Theory fan
-navigating those first few years of homeownership
-quintessential introvert (I love people, but too much interaction at once is quite overwhelming!)

I love to meet new people on here, so please drop me a line and we can give things a whirl :)
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(500) days of summer, 2 broke girls, 50 first dates, adam sandler, animals, astrology, baking, bath & body works, beaches, big bang theory, bisexuality, blackadder, books, brat pack movies, breakfast club, caffeine, candles, carrie underwood, cats, chasing life, chatting online, chick lit, chocolate, christina aguilera, clinique happy, clothes, coach, coca cola, coffee, coldplay, comedy, cooking, country music, destiny's child, dierks bentley, diet wild cherry pepsi, dirty dancing, dixie chicks, dream interpretation, drew barrymore, elin hilderbrand, elton john, elvis presley, emily giffin, exercise, faeries, faith hill, feminism, fergie, fiction, flip flops, friendship, gilmore girls, glee, grease, guess?, handbags, having fun, hugs, i love lucy, iced coffee, improv, itunes, jars of clay, jennifer lopez, jennifer weiner, jodi picoult, john mayer, journaling, karaoke, keith urban, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, kittens, lady antebellum, latin american literature, laughing, learning, lip gloss, listening to music, little miss sunshine, livejournal, love, making friends, mamma mia!, mariah carey, matchbox 20, meeting new people, meetups, modern family, movies, mr. bean, netflix, nicholas sparks, no doubt, online journals, p!nk, pedicures, pen pals, people watching, photography, pilates, pixies, postcards, pretty little liars, rascal flatts, reading, rent, retail therapy, rihanna, robin williams, rowan atkinson, sandals, sephora, shameless, shopping, sixteen candles, skittles, sleeping, snickers, spanish, starbucks, steve carell, sugarland, summer, sunshine, switched at birth, the beatles, the big bang theory, the body shop, the breakfast club, the fosters, tim mcgraw, tina fey, tinkerbell, tlc, toby keith, victoria's secret, weekends, will and grace, working out, zooey deschanel
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